Our Terms and Conditions

Read all the terms and conditions provided by us, and it is mentioned on each of our web pages prior to accessing our valuable services. Moreover, the privacy policies are the most significant component of the terms and conditions, and it shall inform you regarding the legal points and procedures that we are abiding to gather the data from the user side.

Our Services for Users

Our only aim and goal are to offer quick and easy solutions for our valuable users who are in search and want solutions to correct the errors that they are facing. Similarly, we proffer quality assistance about the streaming devices installation, set up and troubleshooting the errors that arise with them, and also other miscellaneous errors, etc. This kind of assistance can be helpful in various ways, and assisting you will be our main vision.

Rules and Regulations of Our Service

If you have any threats, all the actions will be taken by abiding proper rules and regulations; we make sure that we will not share any information about the user with anyone out of our services. In the required solutions, the user information will be given to the authorities in charge, and this will be only done after giving prior information notice to the respective

The Charge Back Policies

If you want to unsubscribe from all of our support services, cancel all the long term subscription, and also for cash back policy, the users must abide by all of our charge back policies. So we request our users to kindly read all the papers before getting in to hand with us, and there will be no conflict while unsubscribing between the respective authorities and users. Check twice all the documents before you submit it with us for verification