At first, the privacy policies are more essentials facts while it comes to online services. Read through our policies to have a full overview of the procedure and the reason behind why we are collecting the user data. We also assure that the user's data is only for offering effective support services to them, and we do not misuse it or will not leave out from this place. And users need to get worried about seeing these kinds of actions from our services. Its is required for both of our needs and safety

What Kind of Information Do We Collect?

The data that we collect can consist of both official and private information. To be more elaborate, we gather the name of the user, the email address of the users, and the password credentials to offer them the activation of the device assistance only. The official data is the credit card details, billing information, payment details for the payment transaction purpose. Similarly, for long term subscribers, if any other payment transaction is accessible in the future, then we will make use of the same payment method and the other information, and this is the data that we get from the users.


As stated before, from the side of the web site, the data of the user gathered by us will not go out at any cost, and if so, you get any threat that is occurring on our site by the third parties, we will not be responsible for that problem. But we can help you in taking the adverse legal action over the reason for the problem.


At first, cookies are only offering on the site to increase the services only. We are also abiding the same policy and accessing the cookies on our site. Moreover, the user can get more and better solutions for every surf on the site with cookies. On the other hand, it is only the wish of the user to agree and turn the cookies of our site off

The Copyright Regulations

The traits and the specs of the device and the installation data on the site are only for the informational purpose. The one who gets out from this shall be publishable by the legal actions if our site is found t be plagiarized or used for any other private use.