Enter Activation Code

How to activate Hulu from

If you need to activate the Hulu, surf to the and enter the Hulu activation code. Before activating, you need to enter the Hulu account credentials. If you don't have the existing account, here we are to help you with the Hulu account activation steps

How do I set up Hulu Account?

If you wish to be the customer of the Hulu via many streaming devices, here are the steps to sign in to your Hulu account. After syncing your Hulu account, you can start to stream many trending and classic tv shows which you wish. Now Hulu streaming service is also available as the Hulu Plus application.

Open the browser and surf to the site

If you are the first time user, tap on the “try Hulu for free” by activating this

option you enjoy your favorite shows for free for seven days

You will get the new screen, which be suggests you enter the credentials

After completing this step tap on the Hulu sign up and tap on the continue option

You need the card credentials to enjoy the Hulu after you complete the free trial of seven days

To complete the activation, confirm the registration code, and now you can start to use the Hulu account

Finally, you need to browse to the site and enter the credentials to sign in

How to Enter Hulu Activation code in

Step 1: Open the Hulu app on your streaming device and tap on the login option.

Step 2: You can view an option to activate Hulu from your computer. Tap on this

option and generate the device activation code. Note the code carefully which appears on the screen

Step 3: After getting the activation code, surf to the site from your computer. Tap on the login to Hulu account option

Choose the "manage your device" or "activate your device" option.

On activate your device option.

If you wish to activate your Hulu device, provide the Hulu activation code and tap on the activate option. Wait for some seconds and your device will be linked to Hulu account and the plan which you prefer will also be activated

On manage your device option.

If you prefer the manage your device option, you can deactivate all the device which is linked to your Hulu account. Tap on the remove icon and select the device which you need to remove from the Hulu. Now it is all over, and your Hulu account is deactivated from the streaming device which you prefer to exit

Step 4: Now you can view the activation message on the screen While on the mobile device you might not get the Hulu activation code in those cases you can use your email and password for logging in to the Hulu application

How do I activate Hulu on Roku?

Firstly, you need to sync the Roku to start the activation steps. Then open the channel hub and search for the Hulu channel on the find tab. Once you get the result and add the channel by tapping on the ADD CHANNEL option. Now the channel icon will appear on the screen. If not, then check that there is any software update on the Roku. If yes, then process the steps for the software update. After completing the software update, ensure that you find the channel on the Roku screen.

Difference between Hulu vs. Hulu Plus

Difference between Hulu vs. Hulu Plus

You can get normal subscriptions and enjoy only less amount of channels on the Hulu. Whereas you can get additional features like tv shows and movies on Hulu plus. As this is the paid subscription, you need to pay extra per month to enjoy this package. It is also possible to stream the game of throne on Hulu plus package. By activating this package, you can get full movies and seasons on this subscription.


What are the steps to Activate hulu+?

As Hulu Plus is the paid subscription, you can get this by upgrading the Hulu account. By adding this Hulu Plus subscription, you can start to access many new contents and features


Where to get Hulu Activation support?

If you face any troubleshooting issue in getting the Hulu activation code, then you can get the best Hulu support from our expert professional team. You can reach out to them via the toll-free number. They can guide with the tips and tricks for all the Hulu related issues and queries